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The Power of On-Camera Confidence: How to Overcome Your Fear and Become a Camera-Ready Professional

camera ready comfortable on camera on-camera confidence video production techniques Jan 10, 2023
Become confident on camera

What is On-Camera Confidence and Why is it Important?

When I was asked by TV’s Marc Summers to help create the pilot for what was to become Dinner: Impossible on the Food Network, it was a huge challenge.

Chef Robert Irvine had little on-camera experience.

So, I went to work and helped develop his confidence. My first suggestion was to strip him of his chef whites and slap on a skin-tight black T-shirt to show off his massive musculature. My experience told me that the new physicality of flexing his biceps for the camera would boost his confidence.

It sure did. Dinner: Impossible became the top-rated show on the Food Network soon after its premiere.

Then, getting Robert Irvine to NOT perform whenever a camera was near became a challenge.  Getting him to NOT flex was also a problem. 😄

On-camera confidence is the ability to look and feel confident when presenting in front of a camera. It’s an essential skill for anyone who wants to be successful in their field, whether it’s on social media, in interviews, or on live television.

On-camera confidence is crucial because it helps you present yourself as a professional and knowledgeable individual. It also allows you to connect with your audience and build trust. With the right confidence level, you can ensure that your message reaches its intended audience effectively.

5 Tips to Instantly Boost Your On-Camera Confidence for Professional Video Production

Tip #1 - Prepare and Rehearse Beforehand

Preparing and rehearsing before any presentation is the key to success. It's essential to plan your presentation beforehand, so you don't have to worry about it during the actual event. Rehearsing will help you feel more confident and comfortable when delivering your presentation in front of an audience. So, if you want to make sure that your presentation goes smoothly, take the time to prepare and rehearse beforehand!

Tip #2 - Get Comfortable with the Camera

You may have heard that we fear the things that we do not understand.  It's true.

Learning the basics of how a camera works, and how to operate it, should go a very long way in helping you feel more comfortable.  As a content creator, you should know how to use the camera and ensure that your videos look professional. Here are a few tips to help you get comfortable with the camera and create great content every time.

Tip #3 - Make Eye Contact with the Camera

Whether you are giving a presentation, recording a video, or interviewing someone on camera, making eye contact with the camera can help make the experience more personal and engaging. So if you want to leave an impression on your audience, remember to keep your eyes on the camera!

This is harder said than done, however.  To make this feel more natural, I have a simple trick.

Put a photograph of a person you love or admire next to the camera.  Cut the person out so their eyes are as close to the lens as possible.

With practice, you will grow to not need the photo any longer.

Ideally, you'll want to look straight down the barrel of the camera lens.  To make that possible, and feel comfortable about it, you will learn how to equate the camera lens with that real-person connection.


Tip #4 - Project Your Voice Clearly

No one wants to watch something that sounds like it was delivered by someone with little conviction for what they are saying.  You can naturally sense that, I'm sure.

I'm not talking about your spoken voice on camera, however.  What this tip is about is being able to give your audience a little dose of your personality.

That's why Tip 4 is all about projecting your voice.  If you are not clear about who you are and what you stand for, then this is your cue to begin to examine that now.  People who are not clear on what they stand for or what larger purpose they serve will struggle more with feeling confident in front of a camera.

So get ready to find out how you can project your voice clearly and make sure that viewers know exactly what message you're trying to convey!

Tip #5 - Use Your Body Language & Gestures Effectively

You know the saying, “actions speak louder than words”? Well, that’s especially true when it comes to communication. Your body language and gestures can be just as powerful as what you say.

When used effectively, your body language can help you convey your point and make a lasting impression on others. So if you want to make sure your message is heard loud and clear, pay attention to how you use your body language and gestures!  

Referring back to the previous tip, make sure that you use the natural hand gestures and body language that come to you.

What Will You Create?

With these tips, you will still require practice to master your on-camera presence.  A great way to get in the reps is by using the Go Live feature on your favorite social media app.  Give it a try.

Think about a topic that speaks to your bigger purpose, and talk about that for at least two to three minutes.

Then, when you're done with the live stream, press the delete option immediately!  Does that sound safe?

If you don't like what you said, delete it!  

In time, if you continue to practice this technique, you will grow into being confident and crushing it on camera!  Then, think about how you can promote your business or your services!

My Support From Here.

If you require help finding your voice and gaining confidence on camera, I have a few ways I can help.  

The On-Camera-Cure! is my online course that teaches you the necessary skills to become confident and successful in any video situation. Go from cold and frightened to cool and confident.


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