Every creative services business begins with a desire to create.  A good strategy can help channel that desire into a fulfilling and profitable business. My desire is that you are equipped to reach your goals and create more freedom in


I'm Scott Markowitz

After an amazing career as a TV/Film editor and visual effects artist, I decided to strike out on my own and run my own video production company.

The road proved to be incredibly difficult until I dove deep into self-help and I made critical adjustments in the way I thought and viewed the world around me.

I went from being a business failure to being a successful businessperson in less than 3 years.

My Story

I always knew I wanted to work in creative services, so I worked hard to become an editor for CNN early in my career.

After that, I worked hard toward becoming a top-level session editor and worked with some of the largest ad agencies, PR firms, and political consultants in the United States.

Then once I started my own video production company, my dreams of a better life seemed to unravel.

My skills were clearly solid but struggled to be profitable.  I felt frustrated and helpless, and I had worked too hard to let my dreams slip away. I dove into business literacy and got great coaching.  

This allowed me to identify and correct the blind spots and strategic problems.

Now I empower others on their journey to creative and financial freedom.

"After working with Scott, I felt confident.  I felt relieved.  I felt energized.  I was motivated because I knew what I needed to do. "

- Mike L

"The biggest nugget I got was that I now know my core values, and I love this whole idea that thoughts become things."

- Brenda D

"Scott is a natural coach and teacher.  He's creative, reliable, responsive, and just gets it. Thank you, Scott!"

- Liz H

Why I Do It

When I was five years old, I overheard a conversation between my parents that led me to believe, for 40 years that I was not enough.

My father owned a diner in Upstate New York, and they were talking about how their business began to tank after I was born.

My five-year-old self adopted a belief that I was the cause and that I caused businesses to fail.

In the real world, meanwhile, it was the opening of the New York State Thruway that rerouted their customers away from the diner.

I had nothing to do with their business troubles!

Yet, in 2014, when I started my first video production business, those old thoughts acted as mental sabotage, and the business failed!

In 2019, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, I was laid off from my job as Director of Post-Production for an advertising agency.  I really wanted to reignite my video production business, and I started to sense failure for a second time.

Luckily, I had the wisdom to hire a coach- even though I couldn't afford it.

With her help, I was able to uncover the old stories that were holding me back and sabotaging my business.

I do this because I know the biggest thing in the way of us achieving our dreams is, all too often, ourselves.


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