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Podcast Episode 002: Mindset of an Owner, and Why My First Studio Failed

Nov 04, 2022

Do you have your head in the game?  In this episode, we talk about the distinction between four fundamental mindsets.

First, it's the Fixed Mindset vs. the Growth Mindset.

A Fixed Mindset will make you believe you were born as excellent and gifted as you'll ever be.  There's no use in attempting new things because you're incapable of growth.

A Growth Mindset, however, is more rooted in the truth that you can continuously improve.  And so, if you focus on improving in certain areas, you will see gains in the growth of those areas.

The Growth Mindset is that of a winner.

The second significant distinction is the Competitive Mindset vs. the Creative Mindset.

Of significance here to know is that you can be successful either way.  The difference is that Competitive Mindset adopters tend to step on other people's toes to get to the top.  Compare that to Creative Mindset adopters, who are usually happier where they sit at the top.  They tend not to harm or take advantage of others in pursuing financial growth.  

Take a look at the distinction, and decide which mindset best suits your needs.

Competitive Mindset

This belief system operates on the premise that there is finite wealth in the world and that access to money is very much restricted.  It's like the world was one big strawberry rhubarb pie, and if you don't get your slice fast enough, someone else will eat it on you.

Competitive Mindset adopters tend to operate from a stance of scarcity and lack.  They are continually visited by the fear that they will not act fast enough or do the right thing and will therefore be left with nothing.

Creative Mindset

Contrast that to the belief that the world is abundant with new ideas and opportunities that will naturally generate new wealth.

For adopters of the Creative Mindset, all people are connected in a beautiful tapestry of service to each other.  

  • Person A has a skill or talent that Person B lacks.
    • Person B is happy to exchange some of their wealth with Person A so their abilities further enrich their business or life.
  • Person A sees Person C with yet another skill that they are lacking.
    • Person A is glad to trade their services for Person C to contribute their talents to them.

There's no limit to how value can be exchanged.  Therefore, there's no limit to the amount of wealth that can be created.

In fact, our world economy demonstrated that the historical trend of wealth generation has only gone up for the entirety of human history.  Yes, there have been recessions and depressions along the way.  The trend, however, is always moving toward growth.

So, which mindsets would you like to adopt?

Which do you think will contribute to your success?

Perhaps more importantly, which will potentially lead you to jealousy, hate, or greed?

These choices are essential, and I'm cheering you on for your success as a happy studio owner.





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